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Debbie's Bridal Find Your Size & Measurement Tips

All Measuremnts Are in Inches

Debbie's Bridal Find Your Size & Measurement Tips

Bridal & Quinceañera Sizes

Oh yes, it's not your regular dress size.

Not all size charts are the same! Your regular dress size you use for reference when shopping at the mall and department stores is not the same as "Bridal & Quinceañera" sizes. For some perspective, the dresses on this website images are all Bridal & Quinceañera size 6 or 8.

Special Measurement Information

The most important thing to remember is, we are asking for your body measurements. This means when you're being measured, make sure you're not wearing any bulky clothing that would get in the way.

When measuring hollow to hem, please mind the following key points to ensure accuracy.

  • When measuring hollow to hem, please mind the following key points to ensure accuracy.
  • Bride or Quinceañera is wearing the same bra, slip and shoes as her wear date.
  • Hollow is the indentation at the neck
  • Sample dresses will sag due to weight of beading and fabric. Do not use for reference measurements (i.e.., “3 inches off the bottom” is not accurate)
  • Hem is the desired location for the end of the fabric (bra, slip, and shoes will affect this measurement).


Include the Following with Special Order Measurement Orders

  • Hollow to Hem
  • Hollow to Waist
  • Waist to Hem
  • Gown to Hem (front lowest point of neckline)
  • Bride’s Height
  • Heel Height

Lastly, make sure to wear a similar bra/undergarment and shoes you're planning on wearing the day of the wedding. These items affect the hem measurements. 

By having our dress makers cut and produce the dress to your measurements this will greatly reduce the stress involved with fittings after the dress comes in.

Need a Measuring Tape? Order your Tape Measure Here

Bridal Size Chart

QuinceañeraQuinceañera Size Chart


Bridesmaids Size Chart

Measurements Bust, Waist, Hips for all special-Order


We always recommend getting measured by a professional, but when that's not possible, use this guide to help you get the best measurements possible. Always use a soft measuring tape, and when possible , have someone else take the measurements for you. The measurements should not be uncomfortably tight, but there should not be slack in the tape.


Measure around the fullest part of your bust. If you have a padded bra on, pull a little bit more snug.


Measure around your natural waist. This will usually be the smallest point around your middle. When you bend sideways, this is the spot between your hip bone & ribs that bends in. This measurement should be nice & snug. Our general rule of thumb is that it should feel as tight a strapless dress would need to be to stay up.


Measure around the fullest part of your hips & bum. Make sure your pockets are empty!

  • Your size is always determined by the largest measurement. It's always easier to order up & take a dress in!
  • Ignore the numbers! Formal sizing is quite a bit different than regular clothing. Don't let a size that isn't your norm discourage you!
  • If you are 5'7" or taller, talk to one of our stylists about ordering extra length. 
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